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Explained with Spoilers: How Did the K-Drama Hotel Del Luna End?

Popular K-drama Hotel Del Luna was released on July 13, 2019, but it lives in fans’ hearts after over 4 years. The series stars IU as Jang Man-Wol, the owner of Hotel Del Luna, a guest house for lost souls and ghosts. The ghosts stay in the hotel until they repent of their past sins before moving over to the other side. Yeo Jin-Goo plays Goo Chan-Seong, the manager of the hotel, who falls in love with Man-Wol.

The ending of Hotel Del Luna was bittersweet. Goo Chan-Seong is responsible for sending people off to the afterlife, so he has to do the same with Man-Wol. Although the latter has to leave, she still becomes a better person because of him. However, that isn’t enough to keep Man-Wol with him, and she eventually moves to the afterlife, escorted by Chan-Seong.

Hotel Del Luna Ending: Do Jang Man-Wol and Goo Chan-Seong end up together?

Hotel Del Luna ran for 16 episodes, following the love story of Jang Man-Wol and Goo Chan-Seong. Jang Man-Wol is cursed because of a horrible sin, landing her at the hotel until her heart finally changes. Chan-Seong is the only human staff and is the manager of Hotel Del Luna. The duo grow close, with him helping Man-Wol grow into a better person.

When it’s time for Man-Wol to leave, she has to choose between staying back with Chan-Seong by drinking the moonflower wine or going to the afterlife. Chan-Seong suggests the latter, which essentially means that the two won’t be together. Because it is his responsibility to guide all the ghosts to the afterlife, he has to do the same with Man-Wol.

Man-Wol isn’t sure if heaven waits for her in the afterlife but hopes she’s done enough to repent for her sins. The two spend quality time together before she has to depart. However, a past-life connection binds the two together as it was Chan-Seong’s past incarnation that told Man-Wol about the guest house in the first place. This brief encounter is reason enough to understand why Chan-Seong entered her life.

It also seems fitting enough for the dream to have shown almost by the end of their time together. Chan-Seong is the reason Man-Wol became the owner of Hotel Del Luna. So the fact that he’s sending her off to the afterlife brings their connection to a full circle. Eventually, the two promise to meet each other in their next lives and Man-Wol crosses to the afterlife.

With Man-Wol no longer the owner of Hotel Del Luna, actor Kim Soo-Hyun makes a special appearance as the new owner. He renames the hotel as Hotel Blue Moon. However, what looks like a second season from this context never happened. So it is highly unlikely for a new storyline to develop.

As for whether Chan-Seong and Man-Wol ended up together, the writers have chosen to leave the ending up to viewers’ interpretation. Chan-Seong dreams of an ideal possible future where all the ghosts have returned, including Man-Wol. He meets her in a park, and the duo hope to dream of a future together. This epilogue leaves fans to imagine their own ending, as well as proof of everlasting love between the two characters.

Hotel Del Luna is available to watch on Netflix.


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